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30x500 Academy

Quit trading time for money.

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Your Brick Stacking Teachers

Since 2010, we have taught nearly 1000 students from around the world how to build and launch a product busines. In the last 2 years alone, our students have collectively earned over $2 Million. We keep our skills sharp and practice what we preach outside of 30x500:

Amy Hoy

Freckle Time Tracking, Just Fucking Ship, and her popular blog

Amy quit her last (very cushy) job in 2007, opened up a consultancy for Fortune 100 companies, and then threw that all out the window to start a product biz after procrastinating for years. Freckle has earned over $1.6MM in it's lifetime, and her tech ebooks & workshops have earned >$200k.

Her hard-earned lessons in bootstrapping - delivered with her trademark bullshit-free honesty - has helped countless people get off their butts and ship.

Alex Hillman

Indy Hall Coworking, GroupBuzz Discussions, and his popular blog

Alex founded Indy Hall in 2006 while he was still a freelance web developer, and has grown it into one of the world's first, and longest running coworking spaces. Since, he's midwifed many products and businesses including his most recent, a discussion list for tight-knit communities called GroupBuzz.

Many credit Alex with their starts, citing his non-nonsense credo "JFDI" (just effing do it) as a source of inspiration to stop with the excuses and, well, JFDI.

We also organize an annual sold-out conference in Philadelphia for the product bootstrapper community called BaconBizConf.
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